DSMS Teacher/Classified of the Year

Desert Shadows Middle School Teacher of the Year



Selecting one Teacher of the Year at Desert Shadows Middle School is no easy task. We have many educators that excel in the classroom and on the courts and fields. They love their subject area, but more importantly they love the children in front of them each and every day. Teaching is a calling, and for this year’s recipient that adage rings true.

          Before I begin with what this amazing teacher does at our school, I’d like to describe who this individual is as a person. Efficient, kind, collaborative, informed, dedicated, and hard-working are some words to describe this individual. Her rapport with the students is truly exemplary. “This individual is one of the most organized people I know. Everything in her classroom is color-coded and decorated in a way that is germane to what she teaches,” suggests a colleague. Another colleague recognizes: “This teacher makes it look so easy when, of course, it is not so easy. She shares years of units, activities, and plans that are highly complex. She is very collaborative with her co-workers.” Parents describe this individual as someone they trust with their child. Personal qualities like these are so important for a teacher, especially when working with a highly complex subject matter like science.

          Contributing to the overall success of our school, this individual coaches three sports: volleyball, girls’ basketball, and girls’ track. The dedication she has for her student-athletes is impressive. One track athlete said of her coach: “For the Rich River Relays she gave us all headbands so we could be matching. She teaches us how to pass a baton and get off a block. She makes us condition to improve in our running and have more endurance. She is an awesome coach.” This individual knows all sports well and applies that skill base in the role as Equipment Manager and Athletic Director.  She never takes short-cuts or makes excuses. She has high expectations of herself and her students and athletes. These fine qualities for an educator have been shaped for approximately a quarter of a century. Time and experience as a teacher, coach, and assistant principal have shaped her into what she is today: an amazing educator who makes a difference.

          For these reasons, this year’s recipient is both admired and respected by the Desert Shadows Middle School community. She is a true professional in all ways and deserves this prestigious award. The 2017-18 Desert Shadows Middle School Teacher of the Year recipient is: Ms. Kristi Beach. Ms. Beach, your family and friends are here to celebrate this moment with you. 


Desert Shadows Middle School Classified of the Year



Nominated by her colleagues, this individual has learned the duties of her position quickly and efficiently. Her position requires attention to detail and she is a very detailed-oriented person. She takes direction well but is also a self-starter with her area of responsibility.  Her ability to work well with others is impressive. This individual is kind with her colleagues and the students as well. Her pleasant demeanor and thorough follow-through on tasks earns her the Desert Shadows Middle School 2017-18 Classified of the Year recognition. Congratulations, Ms. Martha Verduzco.